Biscuits Low in Sugar

NutriSnax develop an exclusive range of wholesome biscuits low in sugar and also packed full of healthy ingredients. Our ethos is to offer our customers snacks low in sugar with nutritional benefits and of course a great taste. Our homemade biscuits low in sugar consist mainly of Irish porridge oats with a high fiber content and a variety of healthy nuts, seeds and dried fruit but to name a few of our natural ingredients.

 As leading hotel snack suppliers our new range of gourmet biscuits low in sugar make an ideal snack for those seeking a healthier alternative snack that still looks and tastes delicious.

NutriSnax biscuits low in sugar set the benchmark for a healthier Irish biscuit. Made from Irish porridge oats with high levels of fiber and other vital nutrients our biscuits make life more enjoyable through better health.

Our premium quality biscuits low in sugar are made from locally sourced natural ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives or coloring. Our healthy biscuits combine a great taste with all the nutritional benefits that the health conscious among us seek. The high levels of fiber in our Irish oats and additional vital nutrients also provide you with much needed energy between meals while keeping a check on your digestive system. New diabetic biscuits developed by NutriSnax are delicious biscuits low in sugar for those seeking a sugar free healthier lifestyle.

Biscuits Low in Sugar


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Diabetic Biscuits

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