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Established in 2009, NutriSnax has a long track record of developing a wide range of nutritious and delicious snacks for discerning customers all over Europe. Our expert team is on hand to help turn your culinary vision into the next blockbuster snack. We share our client’s passion for their snacks and bars and look forward to becoming as passionate about your product idea as you are. 

Your Vision

If you have an idea for a snack or bar, we won’t just assist you to turn it into something real. We will help you to turn it into something wonderful.

Our expertise

Established in 2009, our team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of snacks and bar development and manufacturing.  


With our guidance on bringing your vision from dream to shelf, your brand will have an amazing product to promote in no time at all.  

Nutri Snax - Quality Protein Bars and Snacks Ireland


At NutriSnax, we understand how it feels to be passionate about that spark of an idea. We share our client’s passion for each and every healthy snack and we can’t wait to become passionate about yours too.

But passion only takes you so far. We know how to turn that spark of an idea into a tasty snack that can be commercially produced.  

For us, the journey starts with natural ingredients. Your snack deserves no less than nature’s finest. We specialise in products that contain only natural ingredients and are not heated, cooled, processed or refined in any way. They’re raw and natural, delicious and healthy and carry a long shelf-life.  

We can also achieve any nutritional profile you require such as high protein, vegan, keto, and many more.


Established in 2009, NutriSnax has a long track record of developing healthy snacks for clients all over Europe. We are proud to provide a complete end-to-end service from your first consultation to product delivery.   

Our services include: 

  • Customer consultation.
  • New product development.
  • Full suite of production services including chocolate enrobing.
  • Branding, packaging and design assistance.
  • Packing services.
  • Direct pallet delivery to your customers.
Private Label Snack Manufacturer
Nutri Snax - Quality Protein Bars and Snacks Ireland


Whether arriving with a fully-formed vision or recipe, or only a seed of an idea, or calling to chat about flavour combinations or growing market trends, we love to hear from existing and potential clients.  

The first step of the our journey together is to transform our client’s product vision into a natural product that tastes great. Once we have a great tasting product, we then work towards bringing it successfully to market. At our innovative production facility in Ballybay, we can set up to produce truly healthy bars, balls, bites or flapjacks that are chocolate coated or free from chocolate. Then we can wrap the snacks or package them in small bags. And finally, we can deliver packaged pallets to our client’s end customer for sale.

We provide our clients with access to a team packed with experience and expertise in healthy snack development and manufacture. So our clients don’t need to worry about the practicalities of development or production. Instead, they can focus on what matters to them most. Growing their brand.