Diabetic Biscuits

As anyone diagnosed with diabetes will know it is important to choose snacks that have a low sugar content which will help keep your blood glucose level at a normal range. Our new range of diabetic biscuits make ideal low calorie snacks which have been specifically developed for people with diabetes in mind. Locally produced Irish oats which are high in fiber along with heart healthy nuts, sesame seeds and dried fruits are just some of our wholesome ingredients used to produce biscuits low in sugar for people who have been diagnosed with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Our Diabetic Biscuits & NutriSlices contain NO refined sugars. Made from 100% natural ingredients with a dash of honey for a touch of sweetness. Unlike refined sugars, honey releases sugar slowly maintaing stability for diabetics

NutriSlices are a range of biscuit bars made with diabetics in mind. They are delicious diabetic biscuits and come in a variety of four different flavors: Banana & Blueberry, Goji berry & Seeds, Strawberry & Blueberry and Cranberry & Nuts. As prime health food suppliers Ireland, Nutrisnax are proud to offer our consumers a diabetic biscuit with no refined sugars and made with only 100% natural ingredients. Our new diabetic biscuits and our NutriSlices can also be developed and marketed as your own private label healthy snacksfor your own marketplace.

Diabetic Biscuits


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Diabetic Biscuits

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