Protein Bars

Our homemade protein bars are a nutritious and delicious way to keep your body moving when you don’t have the time to eat your daily meals. Snacks high in protein insure that your body receives a balanced nutritional diet allowing you to work and exercise while staying healthy. High protein bars made by NutriSnax contain 100% natural ingredients providing the body with a full complement of nutrients and sustenance. Whey protein, heart healthy nuts, sunflower seeds and locally produced Irish porridge oats all combine to achieve healthier option protein bars.

NutriSnax develop protein bars that are high in protein and full of nutritional ingredients.  Our protein bars contain only locally sourced ingredients like; whey protein, heart healthy nuts, sunflower seeds & porridge oats.

NutriSnax offers a unique variety of private label nutrition bars to the food service sector industry. Our qualified nutritionists can help identify new protein bar opportunities in the market and make your dreams become reality. No refined sugars, salt, additives or preservatives are added to our protein bars, providing our snacks with a wealth of health benefits. Healthy snacks for vending machines are also very much in demand as current trends show a shift in healthier vending. Our protein bars offer a healthier alternative when it comes to snack vending in today’s busy world.

Protein Bars


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Protein Bars

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