Snacks Low in Calories

NutriSnax produce an exclusive variety of snacks low in calories and high in nutrients, like antioxidants, protein and fiber. Snacking on carbohydrate rich low calorie snacks with whole grains are usually the best choice when it comes snacks low in calories. Dried fruits and berries that are high in vitamins like dates, sultanas, raisins and blueberries along with a variety of healthy seeds are just some of the ingredients used to produce our snacks low in calories.

Our new diabetic biscuits also make a nutritious snack low in calories, so you are less likely to reach for crackers and crisps if you get hungry between meals.

NutriSnax use only the best natural ingredients for our snacks low in calories. Locally sourced Irish oats, wheat germ, honey and a selection of dried fruits and berries rich in vitamins make up our snacks low in calories

When choosing snacks low in calories its always best to choose snacks that aren’t processed, and are as close to their natural state as possible. Irish oats with a high concentration of protein, wheat germ and honey are some key ingredients used in our snacks low in calories. Fresh berries like blackberries and raspberries which can be found in our healthy breakfast ideas are also a good choice for our snacks low in calories. Our vegetarian snacks are packed full of goodness, super quick to prepare and are undoubtedly one of the better options when it comes to low calorie snacking.

Snacks Low in Calories

Diabetic Biscuits
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Snacks low in calories
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